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Panel Manager

The iPatch Panel Manager ties the iPatch intelligent panels to the infrastructure operations software called System Manager. Each rack with iPatch intelligent panels is equipped with a control system, an iPatch Panel Manager, which monitors the status of every port in every iPatch panel. Connectivity updates are sent to the infrastructure operations software, which contains a continuously updated database of connectivity information.

These control systems also provide technicians with a user interface. For tracing existing connections, the iPatch Panel Manager displays end-to-end connectivity information, including not only the location of patch cords, but the devices connected on either end of the circuit.

  • Innovative, cost effective, space-saving technology and design simplifies deployment, requiring no more than 1RU of space
  • Provides inter-rack communication on the RMLAN out of band management network
  • Supports up to 45 panels, depending on specific panel configuration
  • Localized display language support includes Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese and Polish
  • Features the elegant SYSTIMAX 360 design